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Drew S., NY

President; Biology and High School Math Tutor

Drew is a high school student from New York. With an intended major in biology, he is at the top of his class, maintains a 100%+ GPA, is a member of the Columbia University Science Honors Program, is involved with his school’s science and math teams, and will take 12 Advanced Placement exams by graduation.

Christopher, NJ

Vice President; Chemistry, Physics, and Higher Math Tutor


Christopher is a first-year college student from New Jersey, majoring in chemistry and mathematics. He has received top scores nationally on numerous Advanced Placement exams, graduated high school with a 4.18 GPA, in the top 10% of his county, and is a recipient of the President’s Award for outstanding academic achievement at the high school level.


Kathey, NY

Director of Marketing; Literary and History Tutor

Kathey is a high school student from New York. With an intended political science major, she is enrolled in AP and honors level classes while achieving high marks in all subjects. She has completed multiple internships while maintaining a 98.41% GPA.


Lina, IL

Outreach Manager; Biology, Chemistry and Physics Tutor

Lina Hilal is a high school sophomore who has a strong interest in biology. She is proficient in most subjects and maintains a 4.0 gpa


Victoria, NY

Chemistry and Math Tutor

Victoria is a high school student from New York. With an intended science major, she balances college-level classes at her local university with alternative college-credit courses online. She has achieved high honor roll in all subjects, maintains a 97% GPA, and has a passion for volunteering.

Zohar, London

Biology and Chemistry Tutor


Zohar is a sixth form student from England, finishing her GCSEs with a 9 in chemistry, and 8s on biology and maths. With her sights set on the medical field, she is targeted with A*AA grades in chemistry, biology, and maths at the AS-Level.


Stephen, TX

Earth Science and Algebra Tutor

Stephen is a high school student from Texas with a strong background in science and mathematics. While taking rigorous courses, Stephen maintains top grades and is a high achiever in all disciplines. He intends to pursue computer science.


High School Math Tutor

Bekhzodbek is a high school student from Uzbekistan. At the top of his class, Bekhzodbek maintains a perfect 5 GPA, leads a volunteer group for his community, and is the first place champion of Uzbekistan’s National Spelling Bee. He intends to pursue computer science at an American university in the coming year for which he has received numerous scholarships.

Bekhzodbek, Uzbekistan


Sri, CA

Physics and Calculus Tutor

Sri is a high school upperclassman from California. With an intended major in physics, he's an IB student, heavily involved with his school math and physics teams, and has scored an impressive 1590 on the SAT.

Neha, MD

Math Tutor

Richard, NJ

Biology Tutor


Simran, NJ

Math and Biology Tutor


Drew, PA

Physics Tutor

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Jessica, NJ

Biology Tutor


Nithya, NJ

Math, Biology, and English Tutor


Nithya is a freshman at The Middlesex County Academy For Allied Health and Biomedical Sciences from New Jersey. She has earned several certificates for excellence in her extracurricular activities and high honor rolls for various subjects while maintaining an extremely high GPA. She has been placed in the 98th percentile in standardized college admissions tests. Nithya is a high achiever, maintaining high grades in rigorous courses. She is passionate about the medical field and intends to pursue a career in cardiology and medicinal research. She joined the Jumpstart Tutoring team due to her passion for volunteering and leading students on their journey towards a brighter future. She has a strong interest in research and is always striving to learn and explore and is involved in several impactful organizations.

Bhavika, NC

Math and Science Tutor


Bhavika is a rising high school senior from North Carolina. With an intended major in biology as a pre-medical student, she is in the top 5% of her class and ended junior year of high school with a 4.4 GPA. She has scored a 1570 on the SAT and a 35 on the ACT, both tests that she's tutored several students for. She has taken nine AP exams to date and is a member of her school's varsity tennis team and an officer in multiple organizations.



Neha is a high school student from Maryland. As a student with a passion for biology and computer science, she strives to take courses to specialize her knowledge. She has a 3.95 GPA, an 800 on the Bio (M) SAT Subject Test, and 5s on all AP exams she has taken in prior years. Neha also volunteers at the Maryland Zoo, where she engages with others passionate about conservation.

Richard is a high school student from New Jersey. He plans to take 11 AP courses by graduation,  takes college level online courses, and plans to take college courses from the Rutgers health sciences curriculum. He has been placed in the 98th percentile in standardized college admissions tests and maintains a 4.1 GPA

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